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First Home Boost

Client Profile

First Home Boost is a part of HomeCorp, providing premium house and land packages for first home buyers throughout Southeast Queensland.

The Challenge

At the start of the pandemic, the Australian government announced a $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant, to keep the economy moving. First Home Boost wanted to capitalize on this, offer First Home Buyers up to $70,000 in First Home savings, and to reach as many home buyers as possible in a short amount of time, with only 6 months to sign up before the deadline of 31 December.

Our Solution

For First Home Boost, we used Paid Social Media Advertising and Retargeting, created precisely targeted ads (carousel and animated carousels) and audiences, combining Facebook interests and Geo-targeting

First Home Buyers - eligible for up to $70,000
  • The Ads and ad set were created for those who are in Southeast Queensland, Northern Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich
Essential Workers  - eligible for up to $70,000
  • The Ads and ad sets were created for firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses and trades workers. Geo-targeted locations over hospitalis, police stations, and fire stations
Non-Australian Citizens - eligible for up to $55,000
  • The ads and ad sets were created for Kiwis, Asians, and South Africans living in Australia.
Non-First Home Owners  - eligible for up to $50,000
  • The ads and ad sets were created for those who already have owned a home before.
Gold Coast 
  • The ads and ad sets targeted specifically for the high-growth, popular areas on The Gold Coast.
Webinar - 45-minutes webinar with all the details on the grants and $70,000 in savings, deposits, and lot locations.

Additionally, we created a full-time in-house customer service and response team who worked ‘round the clock to manage the enquiries from social media., responding to every single comment and private message on First Home Boost social media.

The Results


From June 2020 until December 2020, First Home Boost received a total 17,297 leads from Paid Ads, which is approximately around 81 leads per day. Additionally, Geonet’s social media team responded to 2,053 comments and 963 private messages.

In total, First Home Boost had 129 house settlements complete by May 2021.


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