Infinity Group

Client Profile

Led by Graeme Holm, a.k.a “The Money Mentor”, Infinity Group is one of Australia’s best mortgage brokers, helping thousands of Australian homeowners get out of debt and pay off their mortgages faster, sometimes in as little as 7-10 years.

The Challenge

One of the ways that the Infinity team helps their clients to manage their money is to control expenses with a prepaid debit card. “If you can’t pay cash, then you’re not buying it!” is Graeme’s advice. With that, Infinity partnered with global giant VISA, and asked Geonnet to design Infinity Group branded VISA Debit cards.

Our Solution

We believe that all forms of marketing should work together, seamlessly. We launched a full-service, omni-present marketing campaign to build brand awareness and generate bookings. Geonet was Dr J’s “one-stop-shop” for marketing, which made it easy to launch specials and promos, and communicate to his followers.

The Results

The Geonet campaign launched in November 2020, and with optimization in Q1 2021, generated the following results from 1 January - 31 March:

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