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McLaren Real Estate

Client Profile

McLaren Real Estate (MRE) is a boutique real estate agency that has been operating in the Macarthur, NSW region for 7 years. This agency is owned and operated by Lincon McLaren, who has lived in Macarthur for over 40 years. Lincon has invested in skilled personnel; he has a dedicated, passionate team who are local experts in buying or selling homes.

The Challenge

Before joining Geonet in 2020 MRE wanted to increase the number of listings for the agency, with current numbers around 1-2 new listings per week, about 5% of the market share.

Our Solution

Geonet launched a full-service marketing strategy promoting MRE as dedicated local experts, and the top choice for selling homes and property in the greater Macarthur region. Three main focuses of our strategy were as follows:


Added a page for how to List/Sell Your Property with MRE - We upgraded their website content, and designed a page detailing all the benefits of listing or selling your home with MRE.

Google PPC

Google PPC was the strongest tool to help MRE reach home buyers and sellers in the region. Why?

  • High search volume - For keyword searches in the region, there were over 4500 searches in a month.
  • Heavy competition - there are more than 20 real estate agents operating in that same area.

We developed ads for top search terms and suburbs with dedicated landing pages, Buyers and Sellers Guides and immediate calls to action.

Paid Social Media Advertising and Retargeting

We combined paid social media advertising and retargeting with high quality graphic carousels and videos, dedicated to selling homes and property. Two dedicated campaigns from the client were

  • “What’s Your Home Worth?” for free property appraisals
  • “List Your Home for Zero Dollars Upfront”
  • Weekly Available and Homes Listings to showcase premium properties

The Results

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