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Reaching the right audience.
In the right location.
At the right time.

Put your ad dollars to better use with our geo-targeted digital campaigns. Geo-targeting helps you reach the right customers at the right time. Not only are they within a specific area or location, but we reach them with your offer when they are most likely to buy.

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How does it work?

  • By layering demographic and behavioral data over the location target, you know the audience is precisely created for your needs.
  • A combination of social media and retargeting ads attracts these consumers with offers to take advantage of your buy now' specials.
  • A seamlessly integrated SMS strategy builds a database of leads for you.
  • Go further and identify your perfect audience of consumers who are taking action and find more like them.
  • Not only does our GEO targeting have a major impact on branding - and more specifically to the right audience - but it is predominantly focused on generating immediate sales.
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Why is Geo-Targeting better than other forms of marketing?

Proven methods & results.

Whilst geo-targeting is slowly becoming more well known to marketing companies, we have already tried and tested the methods in a number of industries - retail, real estate, mortgage brokers, home service providers, franchise expansion, and more.

Precise campaign monitoring & reporting.

Our process enables us to report and customize performance on ad production, copyright, graphics, landing page performance, retargeting, video targeting, SMS offers and email offers.

Database creation.

We have taken this a number of steps further by seamlessly integrating our custom SMS strategy that creates a lead database for you.

Lead generation & sales.

Whilst having a major impact on branding to your target customers, our methodology is predominantly focused on generating immediate sales.

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