Reach more highly-targeted customers!

Geo-targeting is the newest, most effective
marketing technology for your business!
Reach more highly-targeted customers, get more listings!

Geonet is a full-service digital marketing agency, and we bring your target customers right to your fingertips.

Just some of the RECORD-BREAKING statistics from our clients in the last few months:

Increase In Revenue For Cosmetic Surgeon In Less Than 6 Months
In Annual Sales For Home Furniture Company
$3,5 Million
In Property Sales From A 6-Hour Geo-Targeted Campaign
Increase In Staff In 5 Months For Real Estate Company
In Franchise Sales From Home Services Company Using Geotargeting In 3 Months
in sales in 30 days for Mortgage Broker
Return For Women’s Online Fashion Company In 3 Months
In Travel Vouchers In 3 Months For Travel Company

After years of working with top brands across Australia, we have developed a keenly focused method, specific for any industry. Our method is tried, tested and proven.

We know this is the most unique and sophisticated marketing campaign ever seen in Australia.



Step 1 – Geo-targeting

Finding people at the right time is the most important part of ANY marketing. With so many competitors vying for the same customer your company MUST stand out.

Geonet invented longitude & latitude marketing down to the rooftop of a building, our clients across all industries have seen it work with booming success!

We can use it over the top of your competitors location and then send your ads directly to them with better offers and specials.

We reach customers with your offer at a time when they are most likely to buy.

And this is just the start!

Step 2 - Brand Accelerator

We align your brand with the top partners and websites in your area. Your logo and ads will appear in front of thousands on the top websites.

We make sure your branding is everywhere! Below is a list of our best known sites, but there are hundreds more!

This gives you company and offer instant credibility and tens of thousands of ad impressions monthly.

Step 3 - Social & Online Presence

Let’s face it social media but itself has very little affect on bottom line sales and revenue. After you have a few likes from friends and families most companies are not sure what to post and why. Unfortunately without a plan this will then never achieve a consistent source of leads, sales and revenue.

Our content team design works closely with you for organic, authentic posts to build your brand, across marketing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Great, authentic content includes:

  • Recent sales
  • Happy clients
  • Testimonials
  • Product Information
  • Company Information
  • Community information
  • Engaging Messages about your brand

Step 4 - Social media paid ads

Social media organic content is very important as potential clients start their investigation process on you, your team and your company. However to reach out to thousands of potential customers we need high impact and targeted ads.

Social media advertising is more versatile, more cost effective and more measurable than the style of marketing every was!

Step 5 - Visually-stunning graphics and striking video animation

For today’s hyper-speed world when you have less than 2 seconds to grab attention, our in-house team specialises in producing high-quality, eye-catching graphics and beautifully animated videos and custom music that explode off the page and engage customers to take action.

Step 6 - Google

Google has long been and remains the leading generator of high-quality leads, particularly as we match your business to exact Google search terms. Google PPC is an increasingly powerful tool in online marketing, since it is tailored to consumers who are looking for products right now. Whilst Google is traditionally more expensive it has the highest conversion ratio as people are in he market. This means sales occur faster and bottom line revenue is immediately injected into the business.

Within a few hours of launching your omni-present campaign we will have your ads appearing at the top position of page 1 of Google!

What does this mean for you?

  • More interested buyers, finding your first!
  • Increased number of leads
  • Immediate Revenue

More sales, generates more happy clients, more testimonials, and builds trust and credibility in your brand. The cycle continues, and gets stronger and stronger!

Step 7 - Retargeting

You understand sales cycles and so do we. We know that many visitors to your website won’t be ready to act right away, as they are doing their research. After they leave your site, we can continue to send targeted ads to them over the next 90 days.

Retargeting ads are extremely effective to keep your brand seen and top of mind, throughout a customer’s sales cycle.

Step 8 - Data, Analytics and Conversions

With Google PPC, Facebook targeting for interests and behaviors, and all efforts layered over locations and demographics, your advertising is now targeted with razor-sharp precision. You can pinpoint your ad dollars, and truly measure your ROI and Cost-Per-Lead.

With the right team, digital marketing campaigns only get better over time, as we measure analytics, tweak, and optimize. Our team are experts in drilling down into data points:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your cost of advertising?
  • What platforms people are converting from?
  • How can we use this information to grow your business?

Step 9 - Reporting

We have a unique reporting technology that gives you a dashboard that shows you real time interaction, results and all costs.

There is no guesswork. You and your team will have the finger on the pulse and all the tools to dominate your space.

Step 10 - Competitor Analysis & Area Research

We constantly assess what your competitors are doing, how many listings they have and where you are positioned in the market.

We work together to make your business become the stand out agent amongst all the noise of your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How quickly can I expect leads to start coming in?
Within 24 hours of starting your campaign you will see leads start coming in.
2What is the cost?
The cost will depend on your area, market size and how many listings you want. Ask us about a free area report for your area that is powered by RP Data, and
3Can you handle all my marketing activities?
Most definitely. Our goal is to take care of every aspect of your marketing so that you can concentrate on more listings, sales and running your business to the best you can
4What reports will I receive?
We run live reports so that you can understand instantly what is working well and how we are improving. You can even use this live reporting and share with your clients for their individual listing only.
5Can I use Geotargeting over competitor locations?
Yes you can. We can then display your ads in front of their potential buyers and sellers every week. This is why our clients have grown 400% in just months.

What our clients say?

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